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Arnica: A Symbol of Healing and Spirituality

Arnica: A Symbol of Healing and Spirituality





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Arnica Montana

 Sun / Fire / Abundance / Banishing / Healing / Prosperity / Strength

Arnica Flowers, also known as mountain tobacco, are used in magical practices to protect against low vibrational energies and spiritual attacks. This herb is sometimes called Wolfsbane and is a valuable addition to a witch’s cabinet for protection against those who are emotionally draining, also known as energy vampires.

During pagan harvest festivals, Arnica Flowers are often used to ensure a plentiful and successful harvest.

Uses of Arnica Flower

Arnica Flowers can be used in various ways:

Herbal preparations
Burned in a loose incense blend
Added to floor washes
Used in ritual baths
Used to dress spell candles
Stuffed in poppets
Used as a casting herb
As an herbal medicine, Arnica Flowers are used to treat inflammation, strains, bruises, and joint pain. However, Arnica Flower should never be consumed as it can be harmful to the heart and cause severe gastrointestinal upset.

Spiritual Properties

The properties of the Arnica herb are associated with soul-spiritual healing. Arnica helps reconnect the Spiritual Self with the traumatized body.

In Germany, Arnica is known as Wolfsblume or Wolf Flower. An ancient traditional story tells of the spirit of the Corn Wolf wandering among the cornfields, adding his strength to the upcoming harvest. Arnica was placed around the fields to prevent him from escaping before the corn was harvested. His spirit then entered the final sheaf that was cut and was carried to the village in honor. (Note: In this context, ‘Corn’ refers to grain in general.)

Arnica has had hundreds of uses in Germany throughout the centuries for everything from heart disease to anemia. The American variety has been used by Native Americans and the early settlers for a variety of uses.

It is said that one can drive away thunderstorms by burning Arnica and saying, “Set Arnica alight, set Arnica alight, thunderstorm take flight.”

Arnica is used in protective rituals and rituals for the fertility of crops.

Arnica is planted around an area to prevent spirits from entering or leaving. However, it will only work until the plant dies in the fall.

Healing Properties of Arnica Flower

Arnica is soothing when applied topically and aids in healing bruises and sprains. It should be applied as quickly as possible after the injury occurs to speed healing. An essential oil may be added to massage oils for use before and after strenuous physical exercise to prevent muscle aches and strains. It is excellent for muscle aches of all sorts (including PMS) because it reduces inflammation and soothes pain. Arnica reduces clotting, however, and does not speed the disappearance of bruises; it only relieves the pain.

Never apply it to open wounds, rashes, or any broken skin. A poultice of the flowers and roots can be used in a compress over a bandaged wound to relieve pain and aid in healing. A hot compress can also be applied to aching, arthritic joints and wrists afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome.

A good salve mix for bumps, bruises, and sprains is witch hazel, Comfrey, and Arnica.


Some people may be allergic to this plant, and repeated or continuous use can cause some people to develop an allergy to it. Use with caution and only for first aid purposes. Use something else for daily maintenance.

If a person is allergic to any member of the Compositae family (ragweed, for example), they will probably be allergic to Arnica! Do not take Arnica internally. It will cause intestinal irritation, inflames the mucus membranes, and affects blood pressure and heart rate. Even a small amount can kill a person and cause permanent damage to the heart.

Homeopathic Arnica Flower is safe.

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