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Saturday, August 01 2015
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Raleigh, NC 27608
Phone: 919-833-8081

We know some items can be difficult to find. We'd love to help you! If you can't find it here, please call the store at 919-833-8081 or email us with your request, and we will contact you.

Celebrate 25 Years with Dancing Moon - 2015!

This Month's Book Pick
     Let's be real for a sec. Most of us don't have time for an hour of yoga or 30 minutes of meditation every day. We're overwhelmed as it is. Our spiritual practice shouldn't add to that.
     That's why I've handpicked 108 simple techniques to combat our most common problems-stress, burnout, frustration, jealousy, resentment. The stuff we have to deal with on a daily basis. This book is designed so that you can achieve peace and experience miracles now.
     Inspired by some of the greatest spiritual teachings, these practical, moment-to-moment tools will help you eliminate blocks and live with more ease. They're powerful, life-changing meditations and principles, modernized and broken down into easy-to-digest techniques to fit your lifestyle.
     Throughout the book, I share principles from both A Course in Miracles and Kundalini yoga and meditation. These tools can help you find your connection to your inner strength. When you practice these techniques, fear will melt away, inspiration will spring up, and a sense of peace will set in.

This Month's Music Pick - Local Artist! 
     Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol integrates her background in Spirituality, Ancient Traditions, Medicine and Science with her lifelong amazing musical gifts of harmonic resonance into the healing arts and shares this with us through her CDs... first through an album of piano meditations for healing, and now utilizing sound therapy with the unique vibrations that she plays on her Angel Harp. She incorporates the physics of sound healing through tonal vibrations and their healing effect on the human body.

     Mary began her Spiritual Path as a Catholic nun for the first 20 years of her adult earth's journey. A Reiki Master and practicing physician, her professional life has included a practice of Internal and Family Medicine. Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol is highly credentialed, receiving a doctorate in Biophysics and Physiology from Cornell and a Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Electrophysiology and Biophysics from Yale. She also holds a Masters Degree in Theoretical Physics from New York University.

     An accomplished concert pianist as well as published author, Mary Asterita-Robol lectures internationally on numerous scientific, spiritual and health topics. She has appeared on national television, as well as being interviewed on local and regional radio programs. Her clarity of explanation of relationships and cosmic connectiveness is very rare. A selfless server in the light, she particularly likes to share her synthesis of educational and life experiences, knowledge and understandings with smaller groups, and can be reached through her Realms of Light website.
July 2015 at the Moon!

For all July events -- times, pricing, and other information -- visit the Event Calendar.

July 2 - Moon Musings with Pleiadian Channel Barbara Marciniak. 
7:00-9:30pm, $20.

July 4 - CLOSED. Happy Independence Day!


July 5 - Beginner Runes, Sponsored by Sleipnir's SaddleCome join a free open to the public study group studying the Runes of the Elder Futhark, the oldest known version of the runic script of the ancient 

Northern Europeans. 3:30-5:30pm, $3, suggested donation.

July 9 - A Gathering of Angels Presents: Saint Germain's Palace of Divine Alchemy with Diana Henderson. 
Ascended Master of the Violet Ray Saint Germain is a true Alchemist of Light, who diligently offers assistance to those who walk the path of Ascension. His Palace of Alchemy contains many levels for Violet Flame cleansing and transformation as well as training in the alchemical ascension arts. 
7:00-9:00pm, $11 - $33 ($11 minimum).

July 11 - What's at the End of the Rainbow, First Saturday at The Moon (moved due to holiday). 
The Treasures of our Artists of course! Meet two of our artists each month and see their creations handcrafted with love and passion. And...at the end of the rainbow there is a gift for you! Meet and greet each artist and then enter a drawing to win a piece of his or her work. 
1:00-4:00pm, FREE.

July 11 - Shadow Healing Workshop with Dr. John Wessels. 
This workshop will be highly interactive and fun!! Learn how to heal your inner self and inner child by healing your inner shadow! In this workshop, you'll learn self-hypnosis and other healing modalities while engaging in deeply insightful drawing, journaling and role-playing exercises. 
1:00-6:00pm, $75.
July 12 - The Hidden Design of Reality: The Changeover Times with Barbara Marciniak & The Pleiadians. 
Please join us for a new series of high-energy Sunday afternoon channelings here at the Moon, where the Pleiadians will orchestrate an exciting exploration of the metaphysical, mysterious and hidden factors shaping our times. Each session will feature a general theme for discussion and encourage active participation of attendees via questions and answers. 
1:30-5:00pm, $30.

July 17-18 - Learn to Read the Akashic Records Part I with Rebecca Ann Helgesen. 
In this class you will learn to clearly access the love, light, and resources of the Akashic Records via a Sacred Prayer. The Part 1 intention is to consult for oneself, but practice includes some consulting for others. Advance Registration required. 
Fri-3:30- 6:45pm & Sat-11:00am-6:30pm, $333.

July 17 - Live Trance Channeling with Cindy Riggs. 
This session will begin with a message for the group followed by individual messages for each participant. All are invited and no reservation is needed. 
7:15-9:15pm, $33 ($5 for audio file of individual message).

July 19 - Past-Life Regression Workshop with Cindy Riggs. 
Cindy will discuss the past life concept, some fascinating experiences she has personally had and witnessed, and will guide the group through a past life regression/hypnosis. An opportunity to see/experience yourself in another lifetime - maybe more than one! 
1:30-3:30pm, $25.

July 23 - V.I.S.T.A Presents: An Introduction to Gemstones with Dianna Wyatt & Brianna Foy. 
Gemstones are a great natural tool for healing, protection, and chakra work. They have been used for centuries by different civilizations in their spiritual and healing practices. Each gemstone has different properties that can be used to aid you in body, mind, and spirit. Join Brianna and Dianna in this hands-on Intro to Gemstones, as they teach the basics on cleansing the stones, their properties and how to use them in everyday life. 
7:00-9:00pm, $10. 

July 25 - V.I.S.T.A Presents: Working With Gemstones Workshop with Dianna Wyatt & Brianna Foy. 
Join Dianna and Brianna for this FUN hands-on workshop where you will explore the world of gemstones. They will go over in more detail the proper usage of gemstones, provide interactive examples on how to do basic chakra layouts on the body, sample Gem Waters and learn how to prepare them, as well as setup a gemstone meditation circle for all attendance to try. You will learn how to do protection grids for your home and even on your property with gemstones! 
1:00-4:00pm, $45.

July 30 - A Fifth Thursday Experience: How to Cope With & Manage Spirit Contact with Dr. Deborah Richmond Foulkes. 
For ALL Levels of Experience! Getting that first communication from Spirit can be both confusing and very emotional. Find out how to cope and learn how to control contact. 
7:00-9:00pm, $25.
July 7-Aug. 11 (Tuesdays) - Yoga and Relaxation with Sharri Gaines. 
6:00-7:30pm, $90 per 6-week session or $17 per class drop-in (space permitting).

July 1-Sept. 2 (Wednesdays) - Zumba! Experience with Faith Parent Hendrickson. 
6:30-7:30pm, $5 if paying for two or more weeks, $7 for drop-in.

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