Terri Wiebold – Medical Intuitive

Terri is a Registered Nurse, a Certified Holistic Nurse, Certified Medical Intuitive, and Karuna Reiki Master in private practice since 1990.The strength of my intuition and insights accelerated after a near death experience at age 7 while was hospitalized for pneumonia. It was then,I found my life’s purpose to be a nurse healer. Since then, I have continually expanded my gifts to assist others to heal.

In this style of Medical Intuition all information comes from the body. While attending to the client, I use Body Scan techniques to clarify, source, and track information to root cause. During the Body Scan the body may share physical, emotional, and spiritual information or patterns that are contributing to symptoms of discomfort or even interfering with healing.I use Body Scan techniques to clarify, source, and track information to its root cause. Many years of experience with the Body Scan process has taught me that each person’s body processes and holds the experiences of their lifetime differently.

In 2001, I trained in this style of Medical Intuition Body Scans with Lori Wilson at Inner Access 101, in Guelph, Canada. www.YourHealingInsights.com

Session Pricing: Mini Body Scans: 30 minutes for $75. The Mini Body scans focus on one symptom or area of the body of your choice, to source to root cause.
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