Matt Wolf
Matt Wolf

When a person opens themself to the broader spectrum of reality, it can start as a confrontation with their current beliefs and understanding.

As a mental health therapist for over thirteen years, Matt can meet you wherever you are in your journey competently and compassionately.​

Matt’s explored a wide variety of tools, including dreamwork, mediumship, astrology, crystals, channeling, and Tarot. He has the experience of communicating with a wide variety of beings, physical and nonphysical. He’s explored many perspectives about what this human-on-Earth thing is, and can help you integrate your experiences.

Matt’s intuitive services focus on what many call “soul development.” It’s about building peace and joy in what you are. It’s about growing more comfortable with your depths, your history, and your now. A session might involve working with chakras, or Tarot spreads, or connecting with the Akashic. You might receive messages from ancestors, “spirit guides,” or extra dimensional civilizations. It all depends on what resources are drawn to help you in that moment.

PLEASE NOTE: Matt cannot serve his therapy clients at The Dancing Moon for any reason. Visit his website if you’re interested in therapy with Matt.

30-minutes – $50 / 60-minutes – $110 / 90-minutes – $170

Get your psychology to match your spirituality!

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