Mariela Siwarqinti – Tarot / Intuitive

Are you going through chaos?

Is your Heart in pain?
Do you feel intimidated by life?

The practices I use can reveal your next phase in life, your new identity, your past lives and how that affects your current life. They reveal your hidden patterns working against you and how to overcome them. They reveal your life purpose, the karmas holding you back from it, and the path to transcend them.
I specialize in guiding Empaths, Energy-sensitive, Clairsentient people committed in their Heart to heal from childhood and past life wounds. People ready to break free and live aligned with their Spirit.
I know emotional vulnerability because I have navigated that territory deeply, overcoming great storms that have made me a skillful Empath. My passion in helping people has led me to become an ordained minister with certifications in Energy Healing and formal training in meditation.

This is more than just Tarot. Get also empowering practices so that you stop just coping day-to-day and start living an authentic joyful life.

I am at your service and I do this with humbleness, gratitude and a heart of great vow.
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Session pricing:
15 minutes/$40,  30 minutes/$80, 60 minutes/$160
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15 min – $40
30 min – $80
45 min – $120
60 min – $160