Jan Petrie-Kolleda – Psychic-Medium

Jan Petrie-Kolleda

Let Jan introduce you to your Angels and Guides. Trained as a psychologist and raised by a scientist, Jan was taught to trust her feelings and nurture her intuition. This has made her one of the most successful intuitive readers known nationally today. Jan helps to bring people to their full potential and has changed lives by helping them understand their path and by removing negativity. Spiritual cleansing of houses and businesses are among her specialties, and keep her active locally.

  • Past Life Regressions
  • Future, healing and inner peace
  • Find our your Divine plan, life path and financial advice
  • Relationships, Karmic breaks and finding your soul mate

Session Pricing;  $60 / 30 minutes $110 / 60 minutes For More Information
Email: Jan Petrie
Web: http://www.amysticsgarden.com