Denise Lucille – Numerologist

Denise Lucille

I’ve been doing numerology charts for over 25 years and my reading are focused around your life path, why you are here in this life; and the energy both strengths and challenges you are here to reconcile and work through to live your best, most productive and happy life. My full charts include past, present and future energies and a full 30+ page chart to read later.

Energetic Numerology Readings & Charts –Numerology is a mathematical method of ancient science created by Pythagoras, a philosopher, 2500 years ago who coined the phrase Philosophy. He discovered that by using our birth names and dates we can understand our life path and the energetic cycles that come into our space throughout our lives through the use of numerology formulas. By formulating our birth name and birth date in a numerology chart, he stated that we can better understand ourselves, each other, and the direction we are taking, personally and collectively. Everything in life is a cycle and numerology helps us understand those energetic cycles and how significant good “timing” is when making life decisions. I have found just the “knowledge” of our numerology cycle can help us understand that everything is fluid and that everything eventually passes. This knowledge can release us to understanding these cycles and how to best work within the energy challenges and strengths. Numerology teaches us that life energy ebbs and flows. Ultimately there is much value in understanding this energy when making and evaluating the timing of our decisions.

Numerology Pricing:

Life path & Purpose, current year and monthly reading. Comes with a printout of your life path number. $60.00/30 minutes

Full 30+ Page chart (to be emailed after the reading to review later) and one full hour reading for life path and purpose, other core numbers, pinnacles, personal years & months. $100/60 minutes.

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