Denise Andrews – Intuitive / Channel

Denise Andrews

Do you have unanswered questions about your relationships, your career or your life path? Would you like help in discovering and developing your inner gifts? Denise is a gifted intuitive and spiritual coach who focuses on assisting and supporting others in remembering, discovering, exploring and living their true purpose and personal path. She connects with high frequencies of Light to offer guidance in making choices and moving forward in life.


Denise has recognized her intuitive abilities at a young age. She spent a good deal of her life studying, exploring and practicing energy healing in many forms. Denise spend many years living in Arizona and New Mexico and in her travels has studied extensively many fields including multi-dimensional communication, intuition and consciousness expansion. This has helped her in her work in supporting others learning to be open-hearted, authentic and purposeful. Denise is committed to creating community that is focused on creative expression, cooperation and New Earth Blueprint.

Denise facilitates workshops that teach meditation and sacred movement, releasing restrictive patterns and tools for creating a life with joy and purpose. She is also an energy facilitator that offers Soul Star Activations, Release and Re-pattern Sessions, as well as Time Line Attunements.

Session Pricing; (Introductory exchange:) 30-minutes – $60.00 and 60-minutes – $110.00