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The Secret That’s Holding You Back

The Secret That’s Holding You Back





Become Unstoppable.
What's Holding You Back?

Imagine not ge­tting satisfaction from your work, or not having a supportive partner. What if you worry about money, feel unhealthy, and lack a sense of passion or purpose? It might seem you're stuck and unsure about why.

An expert psychic therapist, Vincent Genna, speaks about our brain's hidden work. He talks about how we unknowingly create barriers and end up disrupting our goals for a fulfilled life. His key point? You may not truly hold the beliefs you think you do!

Genna's deep dive into metaphysics, the paranormal, and psychology for almost forty years led to a unique finding. He found unseen sections in the unconscious mind shaped by the human brain's survival and protection instincts that hold most of our core beliefs.

These previously unrecognized parts of the mind limit us. They prevent us from accessing our innate divine talents and capabilities. They even stop us from realizing our life's ultimate purpose and passions.


This book uncovers the truth. You will:

  • Gain knowledge to hone your awareness and tactics to live a life that truly represents you.
  • Unearth practical actions to make your dreams reality. Activate the Law of Attraction in your life today.
  • Delve into Genna's psychic insight's role in guiding folks towards their life's purpose. The ways in which Genna's wisdom helped individuals tackle obstacles and pursue their passion will touch your heart.



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