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Laurel Kassor – Astrology/Tarot/Intuitive Guidance/Soul Guide

Laurel Kassor – Astrology/Tarot/Intuitive Guidance/Soul Guide





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Laurel is an intuitive alignment coach and professional astrologer with over 12 years of devoted spiritual and astrological studies under their belt.
With the assistance of practical spiritual tools and deep intuitive insights, Laurel guides folks toward ascension and alignment to their authentic nature with warm enthusiasm.

Having run (and grown) through the gauntlet of low-level, fear, and scarcity-based living, Laurel is driven by a fiery passion for helping people break out of the prescriptions of what life “should” be and intentionally optimize their experience of life.

Their expertise lies in Hellenistic astrology and tarot, which is amplified by their intuitive channeling abilities – having gifts in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. With these highly developed talents and skills, Laurel facilitates, accelerates, and encourages your spirit’s quest for conscious, intentional, and empowered living.

Laurel believes that when we learn to harness the energetic forces that reside in us, we’re capable of ascending to and embodying our highest potential. By teaching you how to live in alignment with your own energetic blueprint, Laurel hopes to inspire you toward a more mindful and warm perspective of the influences and circumstances in your life, and ready you with awareness for opportunities yet to come.

In addition to Laurel’s heartfelt desire to help others transform their lives, they also have a deep love of teaching. They are currently creating astrology courses and mentorship programs that are intended to connect and educate others traveling along a spiritual path, equipping them with practical intuitive tools and unwavering support along their quest for knowledge.


In-House Services: In-house at the Dancing Moon, Laurel offers two astrological reading options to help you touch base with your nature and orient yourself with confidence toward your unique path.

30 Minute Life Direction Reading: In this reading, Laurel will take a look at your Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign, and the Ruler of your birth chart to get an idea of who you are at a fundamental level and the overall direction of your life so you can get serious about your alignment.
60 Minute Current Influences Reading: This reading dives deep into the important energetic influences that are impacting your life right now, and takes a peek into the near future so that you’re fully equipped to harness the energy with peace, awareness, and intention.

Out of House Services: Outside of the Dancing Moon, Laurel offers several services designed to help you stop spiraling out and start spiraling up – toward the highest version of yourself possible. You can learn more about these services on their website.
Hero’s Quest Coaching Program: Stop sacrificing yourself and start sacrificing the constrictions of what life “should” be and step forward on your journey to authentic self-alignment with regular 1:1 personalized astrology forecasts, tarot readings, intuitive guidance, and a proven coaching program tailored to help you confidently seize the holy grail that is your own empowered relationship with your life.

The Seer’s Fortune Guidance Package: Venture into your future one step at a time with routine personalized astrology forecasts and tarot readings intended to help you get ahead of the curb and prepared to consciously interact with the energy that lies just beyond the bend.

3 Month Ahead Astrological Forecasts
Birth Chart Readings
Tarot Readings

In House Session Pricing
30 Minute Life Direction Reading – $75
60 Minute Current Influences Reading – $125

For More Information
Visit for more information about Laurel, and to learn more about their out-of-house services and offers.
Have questions? Email Laurel at
Follow Laurel on Instagram @attuned_alignment for updates and workshops!

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