Moon Meditations: 365 Nighttime Reflections for a Peaceful Sleep

by Jenna R. Calabro

Put your worries aside for the evening and use the power of the Moon to find the calm before bedtime. Let the soothing meditations accompany you every night of the year. Illustrated with stunning artwork by Jenn Calabro of Cecilia Moon ARt, Moon Meditations allows you to embrace the relaxation and restorative sleep each night has to offer.
With this collection of meditations, you’ll be able to tune out any distraction that hinders your rest while also letting go of any negativity in prioritizing your needs . Tap into the tranquility of the night and connect with the Universe as you wind down after a long day.
Improve your self-worth, inspire self- love, and find comfort in your evening routine. Transform your sleeping patterns one night at a time and get aligned with your inner self