Reader – Bill Bryan

Reader – Bill Bryan

Bill Bryan is a second generation Tarot card reader, and augments his in-depth Tarot card knowledge with a deep understanding of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. Bill’s Kabbalah-based readings guide you to your joyful Path, providing clarity, insight and direction. A Tree of Life Reading helps you to:

Ask questions about any area of your life, no matter how broad or specific.

– Understand how all your activities are part of a greater creative process.
– See patterns, both good and bad, and how they are helping or hindering your growth and happiness.
– Feel the presence of a force greater than yourself, a force that is benevolent and loving, and in constant co-creation with you, even if you don’t know it. But if you do know it, you can relax in it and trust it—and let it guide you on your Path to Victory.

Session Pricing;  $60 / 30 minutes $85 / 60 minutes
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