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Footprints of William

Footprints of William






                                                          Working with Spirit
                                     a true story of Love transcending Time

This simple knight lives by his principle; the divine truth inside him, treasured deeply in his heart. William le Hardi Douglas, known as Crusader, Word Painter Knight, and Magic Healer from 1250 to 1298.

"Do we survive death? What is the purpose of life? Will we see our loved ones again? And another question pondered by man for centuries...Do we reincarnate? Deborah Foulkes pursues these quests finding that not only is reincarnation possible, but probable... and I would like to add, for many highly desirable!"

Robert Brown, International Medium, author of We Are Eternal

"Deborah Foulkes has done exciting and extensive research to prove her connection with her Spirit Guide over the centuries. The way he touched her heart and lives is an amazing story.

Rita Berkowitz, International Medium, author of Empowering Your Life with Angels

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